Fundraising Campaign

The Binerie Plantagenet offers organizations and schools the opportunity to raise funds through the sale of baked beans and frozen products.

You can do your fundraising campaign with all the following products or only the ones you want.

Fèves au lard (454g), frais

Lasagne (800 g) congelée

Macaroni viande et fromage (800 g) congelé

Sauce spaghetti à la viande, fraîche

Pâté à la dinde 8’’ dia cuit, congelé

Ragoût de boulettes (800 g), congelé

Tourtière (rég.) 8’’ dia. cuite, congelée

Tourtière clou et cannelle 8’’dia, congelée

Tarte aux pommes 8’’ dia., congelée

Tarte aux raisins 8’’ dia., congelée

Tarte aux 5 fruits 8’’ dia., congelée

Tarte aux fraises 8’’ dia., congelée

Tarte aux framboises 8’’ dia., congelée

Here are the procedures to follow if you want to do a fundraising campaign:

Just send us an email with the information below. You will then receive an email with price lists, order form and ingredient for each product.

We deliver the products in boxes and you assemble the individual orders.

There are no shipping fees for orders of $500 or more. You also have the possibility to pick up the products at La Binerie Plantagenet.


As soon as possible

One week before delivery

At the latest 4 days before delivery


Delivery date of the products  
Products chosen for the campaign

Approximate quantity of each product
Delivery time

Final quantity of each product

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